[asterisk-dev] func_devstate for local channels

Atis Lezdins atis at iq-labs.net
Tue Nov 20 05:54:47 CST 2007


I'm trying to use func_devstate backport for 1.4, and the most usefull
thing i imagine for that would be setting Local channel INUSE to
indicate usage for app_queue. However this doesn't work.

[Nov 20 03:40:52] VERBOSE[7891] logger.c:     -- Executing
[21168 at local_dial:78] Set("SIP/90006-0826b1e0",
"DEVSTATE(Local/21168 at default_queue)=INUSE") in new stack
[Nov 20 03:40:52] WARNING[7891] func_devstate.c: The DEVSTATE function
can only be used to set 'Custom:' device state!

Is there any reason, why i shouldn't be able to set DEVSTATE for Local

It's recommended to use channel groups for queue agents, but that means
- queue will try each logged in agent, thus creating bunch of channels
just to check availability of them. I was hoping that func_devstate
would finally solve this.


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