[asterisk-dev] Issue #10540 (floating point timeouts)

Daniel Hazelbaker daniel at highdesertchurch.com
Fri Nov 16 18:38:55 CST 2007

Apologies if there is a better way to ask this, I didn't see any kind  
of 'request re-open' in mantis.  The original bug was closed as "won't  
fix" due to the fact that the timeout functions don't accept anything  
but an integer.  At the very least the digit timeouts do as before  
they are "used" the dtimeout value is multiplied by 1000.  Can I  
request that this bug be re-opened as I would like to build up a more  
complete patch than the quick one that Russell did (thanks for trying  
though!) that properly handles all the times dtimeout (and the others)  
are used and makes them 'ms' compatible?

Or should I just file a new bug?

I believe digit timeout and response timeout can both safely become ms  
aware.  I am not sure about the "whentohangup" option ('a'). It should  
probably remain only second-precise.  I don't think there is as much  
of a point in it being ms-precise.


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