[asterisk-dev] [asterisk-commits] murf: trunk r89272 - /trunk/main/pbx.c

Tony Plack Tony at plack.net
Fri Nov 16 11:19:38 CST 2007

> In my opinion the presence of more-specific characters should carry
> more weight than pattern length, but not so much weight that "_91."
> has a higher score than "_XXXXXX".

I hate to suggest this, but I think some flexible rules to this might make sense, and it might not be that difficult, other than configuration....

for example in extensions.conf:
[dial weight]
digit = 3
length = 2

(or make them accessible via a SET)

would solve the 14102241145-- _1XXXXXXX.   or  _XXXXXXXXXXX problem

or worst case a "preferred" flag like:

Problem with this is if there are two preferred options, so you end up with something p1,p2,etc. and that gets ugly.

I know that I like to put the "." after many of my outbound because of things like 1-800-BUY-STUFF type phone numbers.

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