[asterisk-dev] More "concise" CLI commands - something we really want?

Steven Critchfield critch at basesys.com
Thu Nov 15 10:07:10 CST 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 08:35 -0700, Corey Edwards wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 15:23 +0200, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> > On Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 01:49:18PM +0100, Olle E Johansson wrote:
> > > 
> > > 15 nov 2007 kl. 13.22 Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> > 
> > > > 1. "concise" tend to better fit in a 80-column terminal (such as the
> > > > Linux console).
> > > That won't be the case with other listings - we have much more  
> > > information
> > > than what fits. The normal listings try to handle that by cutting off  
> > > data.
> > 
> > Or provide different formatting or whatever. There are a number of
> > methods for doing that. A problem here is that the Asterisk server
> > cannot ask for settings of the client terminal (e.g: COLUMNS).
> I created the patch because it shows the entire call ID. When I found
> 'concise' it was one of those "oh cool!" moments. I really like it.
> > > I think it's simple to enable manager. We just need to provide a good
> > > script that outputs the data in many different ways, maybe using awk
> > > or something classy?
> > 
> > This implies that you have a manager account set up properly and
> > securely in a default Asterisk installation.
> Exactly. I don't have manager set up and really haven't played with it
> much. Like many users I am familiar with the CLI. I find value in being
> able to see the untruncated call data without having to switch gears or
> learn something new. TMTOWTDI and all that.

TMTOWTDI is fine and all until you must maintain many ways of doing the
same thing. 

> That said, the CLI also does tab complete on the call ID so that solves
> my problem too. I certainly will survive without this patch, but I
> definitely would use it if it was there.

This begs the question of what exactly are you doing that you would use
tab completion and therefore it seems you are on the CLI and not
scripting it.

So far as I have followed this thread, the idea is that concise is being
used for programming scripts to do things that should be using the AMI
interface. If your interaction needs the full callid or some other field
for normal work on the console, then maybe you have a good case for
"fixing" the output of a different command. 

Steven Critchfield <critch at basesys.com>

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