[asterisk-dev] Bounty for real-time musiconhold.conf

Alistair Cunningham acunningham at integrics.com
Tue Nov 6 05:29:35 CST 2007

Igor A. Goncharovsky wrote:
> Hi!
> Alistair Cunningham writes:
>> I've now posted a bounty page at:
>> http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+bounty+realtime+musiconhold.conf
> I do not understand what reason to make musiconhold realtime? To change
> in realtime sort order or directory with files?


It's for the benefit of Enswitch:


This will allow customers to upload their own MOH files on the web 
servers, which will then:

1. Save the files on a shared NFS filesystem.

2. Write an entry to the real-time database pointing to these files (the 
part the bounty is for).

3. Update their telephones' configuration to use this new MOH.

The Asterisk machines will then read the database configuration and 
access the appropriate files from the NFS server.

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