[asterisk-dev] TDM cross-connect.

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Fri Mar 30 22:04:47 MST 2007

I guess it would help if I clarified my question a little bit:

As I understand it, the difference between a switch and a DACS is that a 
switch performs dynamic connection functions, while a DACS is basically
for nailed-up, static channel cross-connections amongst trunks -- 
essentially a digital patch panel.

My question intended to ask whether Asterisk/Zaptel can perform switching 
functions between time slots on the Digium multispan T1 cards, and if so,
across multiple cards?  Clearly, this cannot be purely a Zaptel exercise;
the switching portion would require higher-order dial plan logic, and
probably continuous involvement in the media path.  But can it be done, in


-- Alex

Alex Balashov <sasha at presidium.org>

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