[asterisk-dev] MiniVoicemail - anyone?

Julian Lyndon-Smith asterisk at dotr.com
Fri Mar 30 01:05:53 MST 2007

I sent this to asterisk-users late last week:
Ah. I was wanting to test and try this cool tool.

I was trying to download the minivoicemail apps by themselves so that I 
could patch my patched 1.4, but see that it is a whole branch in it's 
own right ;)

Does the Minivm require other changes in the 1.4 tree, or could I just 
download the minivm app itself, rather than the whole branch ?



Olle E Johansson wrote:

Olle E Johansson wrote:
> Hello, Asterisk developers!
> Has anyone taken a look at the Mini Voicemail system?
> Like a father to a newborn kid, I'm a bit anxious to get feedback :-)
> For the SIP outbound proxy I've gotten a couple of bug reports that I 
> will try to look into next week.
> Thanks, Leif Madsen, for testing!
> It's been a few busy weeks, keeping me off line. Talking about Asterisk 
> at the VoIP conference
> in Portugal, the SER developer meeting in Prague, talking about Asterisk 
> at CEBIT  in Hannover
> and customer projects in various parts of Europe. I'll soon return to 
> the IRC channel and start
> working with the bug tracker again, being a bit more responsive and 
> available.
> For pineapple/chan_sip3 I haven't got enough funding, so it's still on 
> hold. If you have any ideas on
> possible sponsors, please send me e-mail.
> Have a nice weekend! Here in Sollentuna, Sweden, it's beautiful spring 
> weather at
> last and I have to spend time in the garden. This summer, I will try to 
> grow ASTERisks :-)
> /O
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