[asterisk-dev] MiniVoicemail - anyone?

Olle E Johansson oej at edvina.net
Fri Mar 30 00:29:42 MST 2007

Hello, Asterisk developers!

Has anyone taken a look at the Mini Voicemail system?
Like a father to a newborn kid, I'm a bit anxious to get feedback :-)

For the SIP outbound proxy I've gotten a couple of bug reports that I  
will try to look into next week.
Thanks, Leif Madsen, for testing!

It's been a few busy weeks, keeping me off line. Talking about  
Asterisk at the VoIP conference
in Portugal, the SER developer meeting in Prague, talking about  
Asterisk at CEBIT  in Hannover
and customer projects in various parts of Europe. I'll soon return to  
the IRC channel and start
working with the bug tracker again, being a bit more responsive and  

For pineapple/chan_sip3 I haven't got enough funding, so it's still  
on hold. If you have any ideas on
possible sponsors, please send me e-mail.

Have a nice weekend! Here in Sollentuna, Sweden, it's beautiful  
spring weather at
last and I have to spend time in the garden. This summer, I will try  
to grow ASTERisks :-)


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