[asterisk-dev] a better playback sequence when annoucing parked calls

Caio Begotti caio at ueberalles.net
Wed Mar 28 12:00:34 MST 2007

On 28/03/2007, at 15:12, Clod Patry wrote:
> i dont think this is a good idea.
> when the receptionist get few calls, she doesnt have time to hear  
> lot of stuff, before paging all employes, Mark, pickup 702, Eric,  
> pickup 708, etc.

Actually I meant it would be optional to have this audio, Clod.
Just like the audio for the "sayduration" option has been for some  
time: http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=8993


caio[1982] begotti

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