[asterisk-dev] 1.4 spanish sounds

Zoa zoachien at securax.org
Wed Mar 28 07:16:54 MST 2007

I would bet they speak the purest form of spanish in spain :p


Don Morrison wrote:
> I had my wife (native Spanish speaker - argentina) listen to the 1.4
> spanish .wav files and she agreed with German. The problem, for her, was
> not the choice of words nor the syntax, but the strong american (gringa)
> accent. Even I could tell that it does not sound natural at all. I have a
> neighbor who grew up in Colombia and he insists that Colombians speak the
> purest form of spanish - maybe having a Colombian do the recordings is the
> solution?
> Germán Aracil Boned wrote:
>> Hi
>> In 1.4 version, the spanish sounds, are a very very very bad spanish.
>> This is not a correct spanish.
>> Can change it ?
>> thank you
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