[asterisk-dev] Read dialplan variable with pbx_builtin_getvar_helper

Olle E Johansson olle at voop.com
Tue Mar 27 03:27:08 MST 2007

27 mar 2007 kl. 11.47 skrev Thomas Hecker:

> Hi,
> after setting a dialplan variable with
> Dial(SIP/xxx)
> I need to read out this var in the dial application (transmit_invite 
> () )with
> pbx_builtin_getvar_helper(p->owner, "SIPTEST");
> p is a struct sip_pvt *p passed by int sip_call().
> But this returns a 'null' string. Do I have a wrong 'p' or what  
> could be the reason?
You are in the wrong channel.

test with


and the variable will be copied to the outbound channel.


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