[OT] Re: [asterisk-dev] please tell me

"C. Bergström" cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Wed Mar 21 22:36:27 MST 2007

critch wrote:
> But all of this is way off topic for this list now.
Actually, this isn't too far of topic..

For the leaders around here.. you may have seen this already, but it's 
certainly an interesting perspective.


It's just too bad we can't have a ml bot that auto-responds with a firm, 
but polite..

"You have accidentally posted to the development list.  You may have 
better results getting an answer by posting to the users list."

Translate that into a few languages and it should work.  In reality 
though we don't seem to get an uncommon amount of misdirected mails.  
Taking a look at the description of the mailing list and ensuring it's 
accurate is the root to this as well.

Thanks for the fine work,


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