[asterisk-dev] please tell me

Steven Critchfield critch at basesys.com
Wed Mar 21 11:52:33 MST 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 12:26 -0400, Sean Bright wrote:
> Now its my turn to sound like a jerk, but if the goal is to get people
> to ask user questions on the user's mailing list, we should probably
> just say "send this to the user's list," not "send this to the user's
> list and here is the answer to your question anyway."  I think the
> latter just enforces the "bad behavior." 
> Granted I am just a consumer on this mailing list, so my opinion
> should mean approximately squat.

I am also primarily a consumer here, but I agree that this point them to
the other list and provide an answer is re-enforcing bad behaviour.

My caveat is that we don't want to be too harsh in the send off and be
seen to be unresponsive.

Boy getting older sucks as I start wanting both sides of the argument to
be okay.
Steven Critchfield <critch at basesys.com>

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