[asterisk-dev] IAX native bridge and call duration limit.

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Sun Mar 11 11:42:35 MST 2007

Sergey Okhapkin wrote:
> This is reasonable, we don't want to hand over the control channel if we
> want to control the call duration. But what if we have setting
> "transfer=mediaonly" in iax.conf? To my understanding on media only
> native bridge we can setup native bridge and control the call duration,
> isn't it (the same way like sip reinvite works)? Please give me any
> hints why it might not work and ideas on how that may be implemented.

Your analysis is correct; if transfer=mediaonly is configured for both
IAX2 endpoints, then it would be safe to do a native bridge even if a
call time limit exists, assuming the iax2_bridge function did the
correct thing with the timelimit (which it currently does not).

However, changing this in ast_channel_bridge() would require that _all_
channel drivers that offer a native bridge method respect the timelimit
that ast_channel_bridge() passes in, otherwise call time limits would be
broken again.

Feel free to check the other channel drivers to see what their current
behavior is; it would be very nice to get a patch to fix up all the
channel drivers and allow native bridging in more cases than we do now.

It also appears to be possible to offer native bridging of IAX2 channels
even when they need DTMF reception, as long as 'mediaonly' bridging is
being done (since DTMF is not part of the media stream in IAX2).

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