[asterisk-dev] Jitterbuffer and FAXes with E1

Martin Vít vit at lam.cz
Thu Jun 28 05:06:40 CDT 2007


I'm testing 1.4.5 (no modifications) with E1 card and i've found problem.

I've this scenaro

FAX -> SIP - ATA -> asterisk -> E1 port A --loopback--> E1 port B --> 

When jbenabled is off FAX is delivred OK. But when jbenable = on FAX are 
failing in almost every line. I've compared WAV extracted from network 
with WAV recorded (app monitor) before it gets to iaxmodem and there is 
small differences. Network jitter is about 2ms (lab environment).

Where could jitterbuffer modifies frames? I've tried to disable plc in 
plc.c but without success. Any idea?

thanks in advance

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