[asterisk-dev] bugs.digium.com upgrade 2007-06-28 - 10 AM CST

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Wed Jun 27 16:52:22 CDT 2007


We are upgrading the installation of mantis on bugs.digium.com to
include all of the changes previously described here:


The upgrade will begin around 10 AM CST on June 28th, 2007.  I expect
that it will take no more than an hour.  However, there are some
important things to note:

For everyone:

-> We will now be able to begin taking advantage of the new features
provided by this upgrade.  See the previous email for a complete list.

For all contributors:

-> Since we have a new system for keeping track of contributor license
agreements, you will have to agree to the license agreement through the
web site before uploading any new contributions.  Contributions that
were uploaded before this switch are still covered by the form that was
faxed/mailed to Digium.

For all bug marshals and developers with mantis access:

-> We need to go through all of the existing bug reports and make the
following changes:

1) For any uploads that are code or documentation contributions, the
button next to the upload to mark it as a contribution should be clicked.

2) (You need administrator access to do this one.) In any issues that
contain code or documentation contributions, we need to go into the user
management section and set that the appropriate users have an old-style
license agreement on file with Digium.  That way, the code for verifying
that contributions are covered will be happy and we can still use the
uploads that were made before this switch.

Russell Bryant
Software Engineer
Digium, Inc.

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