[asterisk-dev] Thoughts on the messages dealing with temporary

Bob Atkins bob at digilink.net
Mon Jun 25 22:09:16 CDT 2007


You have our vote. We have already made the recording changes and have 
customized our voice mail accordingly. It would be nice to see the 
Temporary greeting stuff changed to be more user friendly/intuitive.

Bob Atkins

Eric Caron wrote:

> I'll gladly do the recording and the submit the code changes, I just 
> don't know how much any of the core wants a Minnesotan accent next to 
> the smooth operator voice;-)
> The initial bug was closed, in theory, because people disagreed with 
> the proposal (shown by their lack of response). This is why I posted 
> to asterisk-dev in the first place. All I need is a few more "I agree 
> with your reasoning" and I'll crank out the patch.
> Tilghman Lesher wrote:
>>On Monday 25 June 2007, Eric Caron wrote:
>>>Should I assume from the lack of replies that the powers-that-be prefer
>>>it the way it is and think this is a bad idea?
>>Lack of replies usually indicates lack of interest, not lack of support.  The
>>biggest impediment to changes like this tends to be getting the recording
>>changed, not changing the code.  Get the recording done, and uploaded to the
>>bugtracker, and I think you'll find that it gets committed swiftly.

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