[asterisk-dev] Set a global queue policy

Alvaro Parres aparres at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 10:57:27 CDT 2007

Hi list:

   Is there any way or an idea of how to made a global queue policy. I need
to have a Global Policy or a common policy to many queues.

   What i need is:

       I have 20 agents they are members of 5 queues, i have a last recent
strategy for all the queues, the problem is that the strategy is for each
queue. So one agent recive a call from all the queues, then another, and so
on... So we have agent that don't work for more than 20 minutes. And
anothers that have long brakes.

       So what i need is that 5 queues share the strategy, so the agent who
get the call the agent that have more idle time in all five queues.

So any idea ?

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