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Andrew Latham lathama at lathama.com
Sun Jun 24 22:26:36 CDT 2007

I see so many people still on 1.2.X, they will have the fortune of
learning this and the updated variable and function options all at

On 6/24/07, Tilghman Lesher <tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com> wrote:
> On Sunday 24 June 2007, Matt Riddell wrote:
> > Tilghman Lesher wrote:
> > > It's not quite done yet, but you're welcome to try it out and give me
> > > feedback.  It is at a state already where most things work fine with no
> > > changes, if you're already using "," as your delimiter (which most people
> > > are).
> >
> > Will try it out on the next Asterisk box that comes online.
> >
> > Anything I should look out for?  Anything expected to break it?
> Try lots of different things.  Really, the problem is that we still have a ton
> of things which still use non-standard parsing, and that poses the greatest
> challenge towards getting this conversion complete.
> The other question, once this conversion is complete, is whether it ought
> to happen now or not.  Obviously, my position is that it should, or I wouldn't
> be doing this.  However, it is going to create a flag day, where when you
> upgrade to a certain revision, you're going to need to remove quite a bit of
> escaping from your dialplan to get it to work correctly.  That may also pose
> a bit of a problem when people upgrade from 1.4 to the version following, as
> we've always tried to maintain a position of "if you're not using anything
> deprecated, then upgrading to the next major release shouldn't break your
> dialplan."
> This is progress, however, and making it easier at this stage is going to
> enable us to do more complex stuff in the future.
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> Tilghman
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