[asterisk-dev] Problems with ast_realloc Version 1.4.5

Alvaro Parres aparres at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 11:44:31 CDT 2007

Hi list i'm having some problems with the ast_realloac function

I have this code:

                   char *temporal;
                   temporal = alloca(20);
                   ast_verbose(VERBOSE_PREFIX_4 "Temporal: %s",temporal);
                   temporal = (char *) ast_realloc(temporal,21);
                   ast_verbose(VERBOSE_PREFIX_4 "Temporal: %s",temporal);

And the output at the asterisk is

     > Temporal: Hola
     WARNING: Realloc of unalloced memory at 0xb65c4960, in ldapget_exec of
app_ldap.c, line 194
     > Temporal: (null)

I don't know if any one of you can help me with this.


Alvaro I. Parres Peredo
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Grupo Xmarts SA de CV
Tel: +52 (33) 35 63 6261 Ext. 112
      01 800  087 2260
Cel: +52 (33) 33 68 1087
alvaro.parres at xmarts.com.mx
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