[asterisk-dev] Fixing Asterisk DNS - bug 9152, asynchronous DNS, etc

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Fri Jun 22 10:08:52 CDT 2007

Olle E Johansson wrote:
> Hmm, last time I checked this wasn't really what the rest of the  
> world calls "asynch DNS",
> but things may have changed and I will check again. Kevin also used  
> to have some doubt
> whether dnsmgr was the right way to go, so I put implementation of  
> that on hold for
> chan_sip, but if it's now the proper way, I'll look into it again and  
> see if we can enhance
> it so it can help us improve DNS support, especially in the area of  
> SRV records in SIP.

Well it is certainly asynchronous DNS by definition in that it is
handling DNS lookups asynchronously from the thread that is using the
result.  But, I can't say if this is in line with what "the rest of the
world" expects.

Anyway, I'm sure there are improvements that could be made to the DNS
manager, but I can't imagine any reason to hold off on using it.  It is
certainly an improvement to what is in chan_sip today.  If it was ever
consider an improper way of doing things, then it wouldn't be in the
tree, and it wouldn't be what has been used in chan_iax2 since before
Asterisk 1.2.

If anyone can think of a reason *not* to use it chan_sip, I would like
to know so that we can make it fit the needs.  The first thing I think
of is that I don't think it has any support for handling of SRV records.
  That would be a very nice addition for both IAX2 and SIP.

Russell Bryant
Software Engineer
Digium, Inc.

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