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Gaspar Zoltan gasparz at gmail.com
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I would make a script in c that when called puts the number received as a
param to the paralel port. You can do this without any problems it is not an
asterisk challange. 

When you have this you can have an agi script that implements the logic for
what digits to call the c program, and simply shell_exec from the agi script
the c application.

I'm using php for agi scripting, and phpagi class is very usefull for this
king of applications. The implementation is quite strait forward too.

Zoltan Gaspar

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I am new to Asterisk and just setup a asterisk. I want to extend the 
existing Asterisk command(application) to do something special such as 
turnning on a switch by setting the IO in parallel port after retrieving a 
specified DTMF code, but I don't know where can I find the information to 
extent the Asterisk command. If somebody know please let me know, thank you.


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