[asterisk-dev] Increasing AST_PBX_MAX_STACK

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Wed Jun 20 03:26:22 CDT 2007


glad to see you know VoiceOne! :)

VoiceOne requires at least as many includes as the number of 
extensions because it defines a context for each extension. Extensions 
are then grouped together by a single context, i.e. [_all-extensions_].
Idem for applications, for example, which are grouped into  [_all-
[_all-extensions_] and [_all-applications_] are included by a larger 
group, [_all_].

Finally, [Default] includes just [_all_], and every client has 

The reason for this structure is that you may want different groups of 
extensions and/or applications included into different contexts.
So you may have some extensions grouped into [ExtGroup1] and other 
into [ExtGroup2], and define a [Restricted1] context which includes 
[ExtGroup1] and [Restricted2] including [ExtGroup2]. That way some 
clients will have "context=Restricted1" while others will have 

Anyway, the most important thing is that VoiceOne has no more than 4 
nested includes.

I think an example of the dialplan could be useful:



include = _all-extensions_
include = _all-applications_

include = app-one
include = app-two
include = app-...
include = app-n

exten = ...

exten = ...


exten = ...

include = 200
include = 201
include = n

;200 - SIP/200
exten = 200,hint,SIP/200
exten = 200,1,AGI(dial.php|entity=40&group=2&extension=200)

;201 - SIP/201
exten = 201,hint,SIP/201
exten = 201,1,AGI(dial.php|entity=42&group=2&extension=201)


;n - SIP/n
exten = ...
exten = ...

include = _all_
exten = i,1,PlayTones(Congestion)
exten = t,1,Hangup

include = _all-extensions_
exten = i,1,PlayTones(Congestion)
exten = t,1,Hangup

Unfortunately, we run into the 'Maximum pbx stack exceeded', as 
reported here: http://www.voiceone.it/forum/viewtopic.php?t=663

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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