[asterisk-dev] Advice to Hack on MixMonitor or Monitor

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The first thing I would recommend trying, is upgrading to a newer version than, which was released 9 months ago. 

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Advice to Hack on MixMonitor or Monitor 


I work for a company that is trying to use asterisk as its VoIP 
platform, and now we have done a some tests in our environment and 
the actual problem we want to solve in order to really use it is that 
all the calls that are made with asterisk could be recorded 
fine. Actually we can use asterisk without much problems in 
configurations or any like that, but I have two different issues which 
each one of the applications that Asterisk provide to record calls: 

Even when is reported solved in 1.2.7 
( http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=6457 ) when we tested we 
saw that some recordings are stopped before the calls end. 

Syncronization of two legs. When mixing is activated the result file 
doesn't has both legs in sync. I tried with `b' option and without it. 

We are in the position to possibly hire someone to fix one of this 
(with your help if possible). 

So the question is, based on you knowledge of code and how are each of 
this maintained, which do you think is the best to try to fix? 

Any advice is well appreciated. 

Edgar Luna 

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Jason Parker 
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