[asterisk-dev] Module 'app_gbox.so' could not be loaded.

ast guy astguy at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 04:48:00 CDT 2007


 I have developed an application app_gbox() on asterisk 1.4, but when
I try to load it it outputs following errors.

[Jun 18 14:37:59] WARNING[16383]: loader.c:375 load_dynamic_module:
Module 'app_gbox.so' did not register itself during load
[Jun 18 14:37:59] WARNING[16383]: loader.c:607 load_resource: Module
'app_gbox.so' could not be loaded.

Another thing I noticed, in /usr/src/asterisk/apps directory I
couldn't grep ast_module_register for my application

IVR-1-4 asterisk # grep ast_module_register * -R | grep dial
Binary file apps/app_dial.o matches
Binary file apps/app_dial.so matches

IVR-1-4 asterisk # grep ast_module_register * -R | grep gbox
IVR-1-4 asterisk #


I'm using following code snippt
in _exec function

    struct ast_module_user *u;
    u = ast_module_user_add(chan); // To add
    ast_module_user_remove(u); // To remove

------------------------------------ ---- ------- - -  - - - - - -

static int unload_module(void)
    ast_log(LOG_VERBOSE, "unLoading GboX application \n");
    return 0;

static int load_module(void)
    int res = 0;
    res = ast_register_application(app, gbox_exec, synopsis, descrip);
    if (res) {
        ast_log(LOG_ERROR, "Unable to register GboX application \n");

    return res;

When I compile it outputs following errors

app_gbox.c:944: warning: 'unload_module' defined but not used
app_gbox.c:954: warning: 'load_module' defined but not used

Any comments what am I missing for proper application registration.


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