[asterisk-dev] TLS support

Aryanto Rachmad aryanto at chello.at
Sun Jun 17 22:23:11 CDT 2007

Hello Jared,

How about if we started with SIP over TLS?

I am currently playing around with SRTP patch, so I think it would be great if somebody could write a TLS patch. I could maybe try
that, but my C knowledge is very very limited :)



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> On 5/7/07, Alexandr Olekhnovich <a.olekhnovich at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Does anybody know whether Asterisk 1.4 supports TLS? Or may be any work
> > patches or branches?
> Can you please be more specific.  Are you talking about SIP over TLS?
> Manager over TLS?  Manager over HTTP over TLS.  TLS *could* be used
> many different places within Asterisk, at least in theory.
> -Jared
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