[asterisk-dev] action: getconfig, what about zaptel.conf?

nextime at nexlab.it nextime at nexlab.it
Fri Jun 15 02:23:01 CDT 2007

> The problem is, since its not an "asterisk" config file, it does not have contexts
> that can be easily parsed and sent through manager. I end up getting a "file does not
> exist". I do not want to edit asterisk yet, because then we will have yet another revision
> of asterisk, that makes all previous versions not work with that feature of the GUI.
> ( We have enough of this as it is. )
> If I add [default] at the top, or [contextwhatever], it works fine, and I can see
> all the options, and maybe even update and edit them for digital card support in the GUI.
> Then of course, ztcfg, gets mad at the brackets ([]s) 

I user a real *dirty hack* to get the same feature from my gui.

in /etc/asterisk/ i make a "myzaptel.conf" file with only 2 lines:

#include /etc/zaptel

In this way i can read zaptel.conf from the gui reading the file

When i want to write it, i write a third file, let me say
"myzaptel-new.conf" using the context [zaptel] followed by my options.

After write the new file, i launch i dialplan system() call that launch
a "grep -v "\[zaptel\]" /etc/asterisk/myzaptel-new.conf > /etc/zaptel.conf"
and a "sudo ztcfg" and voila', le jeux son fais.

It's really an hack, but it work.

Franco (nextime) Lanza
Busto Arsizio - Italy

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