[asterisk-dev] action: getconfig, what about zaptel.conf?

Brandon Kruse bkruse at digium.com
Fri Jun 15 00:04:55 CDT 2007

Hey devlist,

I have a question, of course, or else I would not be annoying you with this :/

So....action: getconfig will return me all the contents of a config file in /etc/asterisk/
for me to parse in javascript, and update, delete, etc etc.

What about if I want to add/delete/and update entries from zaptel.conf?

I did a quick ln -sf /etc/zaptel.conf /etc/asterisk/zaptel.conf.

The problem is, since its not an "asterisk" config file, it does not have contexts
that can be easily parsed and sent through manager. I end up getting a "file does not
exist". I do not want to edit asterisk yet, because then we will have yet another revision
of asterisk, that makes all previous versions not work with that feature of the GUI.
( We have enough of this as it is. )

If I add [default] at the top, or [contextwhatever], it works fine, and I can see
all the options, and maybe even update and edit them for digital card support in the GUI.

Then of course, ztcfg, gets mad at the brackets ([]s) 

I am kind of at a dead point, and I am open to suggestions, 2 cents, and whatever else you feel is relevant. 

The goal is to be able to edit zaptel.conf. Then people will be able to configure all your zaptel.conf
stuff from the GUI. Also do cool stuff like monitor alarms on spans, and remote setup, etc etc. ( not that you
could not do this with other tools before, but still, throw me a bone. )

Thank you in advance!!!


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