[asterisk-dev] Janitor Project - Remove priority jumping in

Eric "ManxPower" Wieling eric at fnords.org
Sat Jun 9 11:13:19 CDT 2007

Di-Shi Sun wrote:
>> All applications that were modified in 1.4 to have a 'j' option to 
>> support the deprecated priority jumping behavior should have this option 
>> removed in trunk.  Also, the global option to turn on priority jumping 
>> should be removed as well.
> Hi Russell, 
> Do you mean in the future release the priority jump behavior will be removed and in the extensions.conf should explicitly jump to a certain priority? Would you please explain this issue more details? According to the patch of Caio Begotti, the functions of app_osplookup will not jump to n_101 and all our customers must update their dialplans.

Priority jumping was deprecated in 1.2.  All apps should have been 
updated to set channel variables to indicated their "exit code" rather 
than jumping to a predefined priority.  Just like app_dial, for example.

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