[asterisk-dev] Janitor Project - Remove priority jumping in

Di-Shi Sun di-shi at transnexus.com
Sat Jun 9 00:07:07 CDT 2007

>All applications that were modified in 1.4 to have a 'j' option to 
>support the deprecated priority jumping behavior should have this option 
>removed in trunk.  Also, the global option to turn on priority jumping 
>should be removed as well.

Hi Russell, 

Do you mean in the future release the priority jump behavior will be removed and in the extensions.conf should explicitly jump to a certain priority? Would you please explain this issue more details? According to the patch of Caio Begotti, the functions of app_osplookup will not jump to n_101 and all our customers must update their dialplans.


Di-Shi Sun.
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