[asterisk-dev] ExtensionState behaviour

Ryan Courtnage ryan-lists at coalescentsystems.ca
Fri Jun 8 07:24:34 MST 2007

Hello all,

I've been deploying a standard configuration of * 1.2.10 for many months now.

I've found that on a few instances, the response for ExtensionState in
the Asterisk Manager is incorrect.  It'll report "Status: 0", when the
phone is in-fact off-hook:

Response: Success
ActionID: 1
Message: Extension Status
Exten: 9877
Context: from-internal
Hint: SIP/9877
Status: 0

Deploying the exact same build & config of Asterisk on another box
will result in ExtensionState working properly.

Any thought on what could explain this behavior?


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