[asterisk-dev] Siren14 G 722.1C

Tom Browning ttbrowning at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 06:42:41 MST 2007

Anyone working on support for Siren14 / G 722.1C in Asterisk?  This is a
wideband royalty free codec.  I've used it to some extent and the sonic
range is wonderful.


I suspect that in some cases, if it is converted to signed linear PCM and
back, it would lose a bit of its dynamic range.  I presume that calls
passing through as Siren14 on both ends would not necessarily need to be
recoded so it would be possible to have end-end Siren 14 calls and only
convert to slin when bridging to other non-siren14 UAs and Asterisk

Thanks for any pointers/suggestions,

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