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Steve Murphy murf at digium.com
Mon Jun 4 16:11:21 MST 2007

----- "Rob Schall" <rschall at callone.net> wrote:
> Our call detail is located in 2 places. The master.csv file and in a
> mysql database. All outbound calls have:
> exten => _91NXXNXXXXXX,1,Set(CALLERID(all)=000-000-0000)
> (the zeros being our number)


with the "all" argument, CALLERID will set the num, name, and ani fields in the channel's cid structure...

which should be enough to have it set the clid and src fields in the
cdr on the channel...

I've noticed that ast_cdr_setcid was broken, and have it fixed in my CDRfix5 branch, but this gave me an excuse to go ahead and commit this one small typo fix... in 1.4 and trunk.

See if your code behaves better in the current 1.4 svn release >= 67073


> Right after that, it moves to the Dial command. The problem we are
> seeing, is in both the csv file and the mysql database, the src and
> clid are set to our main line's number. I need to to read the correct
> src. I don't care what the clid says.
> Rob
> Steve Murphy wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 15:44 -0500, Rob Schall wrote:
> A simple question but one I can't seem to find easily...
> I have 90 or so DIDs. For all outbound calls, I edit the callerid so
> that it will always read out main line's number. This poses a problem
> though, because the CDR detail isn't written until after everything is
> done. So when you look at the detail, the number you are calling is
> over
> written with this new caller id for some reason.
> Any thoughts how to better get an accurate reading of the calls, or
> another way to mask the caller id?
> Rob Rob--
> You've left out some details, like where the callerid info you want to
> see is stored. Every channel keeps track of ani, rdnis, and dnid as
> well, and depending on the driver, usually only the ani or the plain
> callerid name/num end up in the CDR records.
> In the dialplan, you can attach other info onto a CDR by setting, for
> example, the CDR userfield, to one of these values, and hopefully, you
> can get this info out into a CDR so you can arrange your billing info
> accordingly...
> Also, keep in mind that the CDR is a separate data structure, and only
> gets updated at certain times, and you are only allowed to set certain
> fields via dialplan funcs. (and the CID info isn't on that list!).
> murf
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