[asterisk-dev] ToDo for chan_skinny

Simon Lockhart simon at slimey.org
Fri Jun 1 01:13:30 MST 2007

On Fri Jun 01, 2007 at 06:09:12PM +1000, Damien wrote:
> Simon Lockhart wrote:
> >On Thu May 31, 2007 at 04:02:21PM -0700, Dan Austin wrote:
> >  
> >>>0008394: chan_skinny doesn't send keepalives (doesn't detect 
> >>>disconnected/death phones)
> >>>      
> >>I may have mis-understood this one.  The phone is responsible
> >>for requesting/sending the keep-alive.  The channel just needs
> >>to record it.  
> >>    
> >
> >I think the point is that chan_skinny doesn't need to send keepalive 
> >requests,
> >but rather time-out phones which haven't sent a keepalive for a while.
> > 
> >Simon
> >  
> Actually, I think that chan_skinny does need to respond with a 
> KeepAliveAck. I think that if it doesn't the device will think that the 
> message hasn't been received and will probably start spitting out 
> KeepAlives at a rapid rate until it reaches the timeout, and then it may 
> reset itself.

I'm fairly certain that chan_skinny already replies to Keepalive messages
from the phone (otherwise it wouldn't work at all).

Th problem is that if the phone stops sending keepalives (i.e. it goes away),
then chan_skinny doesn't notice and still tries sending calls to the now
non-existent phone.


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