[asterisk-dev] ToDo for chan_skinny

Damien voip at facts.com.au
Fri Jun 1 01:09:12 MST 2007

Simon Lockhart wrote:
> On Thu May 31, 2007 at 04:02:21PM -0700, Dan Austin wrote:
>>> 0008394: chan_skinny doesn't send keepalives (doesn't detect 
>>> disconnected/death phones)
>> I may have mis-understood this one.  The phone is responsible
>> for requesting/sending the keep-alive.  The channel just needs
>> to record it.  
> I think the point is that chan_skinny doesn't need to send keepalive requests,
> but rather time-out phones which haven't sent a keepalive for a while.
> Simon
Actually, I think that chan_skinny does need to respond with a 
KeepAliveAck. I think that if it doesn't the device will think that the 
message hasn't been received and will probably start spitting out 
KeepAlives at a rapid rate until it reaches the timeout, and then it may 
reset itself.

I'd suggest adding keepalive to the switch in handle_message. It should 
update a time for each device and return a keepaliveack message to the 
device. Then the cleanup function can be used to check the times and see 
if any device is dead. Also, I think that you have to configure the 
device to send the keepalives as part of the register message.


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