[asterisk-dev] queues, Blinking lamps and hints again

Olle E Johansson oej at edvina.net
Wed Feb 14 10:52:04 MST 2007

Due to a lot of bug reports about "hints not working" I've revised  
and tested with 1.2, 1.4 and trunk.

- With 1.2, I needed to add a small patch, it's in 1.2 svn, to get  
proper functionality
- With 1.4 everything worked great. We now even have hold state.
- With trunk, it worked even better

I haven't tested will call queues, so please test that.

Trunk includes two need features I may backport as bug fixes to 1.4,  
but need feedback on

- busy-level
- limitonpeer

Busy-level sets a level where chan_sip should indicate a BUSY state  
to the devicestate
subsystem. With this, you can have a call-limit on 3 and busy-level  
on 1. That means
we will indicate busy on the first call, but the phone may still  
place some calls - which
is needed for SIP transfers.

Limitonpeer changes the way we handle incoming calls for type=friend  
For type=friend, we do have two different call limits, one for  
incoming calls (on user)
and one for outbound calls (on peer). SIP subscriptions and  
devicestates only
check peers. So if you have type=friend and set call-limit to 1, the  
SIP device
is allowed 2 calls - one inbound and one outbound.

With limitonpeer, all call counters only use the peer side and ignore  
user. This means that SIP subscriptions will notify that the CALLING
device is busy or inuse, instead of only the CALLED device.

Please test this and give me some feedback on whether you think these  
may fix issues you have with 1.4.

While you're at it, play with the new DEVSTATE function that Russell  
for svn trunk. Now you can control blinking lamps from the dial plan!

SIP greetings

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