[asterisk-dev] Continue Asterisk 1.2 support

Santiago Gomez santiago.gomez at fonalix.com
Thu Aug 30 14:02:14 CDT 2007

We started using asterisk 1.4 since it was released. We focus the development of a call center application based on this release. When we started testing our product in a more demanding environment we faced several problems. When we were reaching 80 simultaneous channels we noticed that "local" channels started getting locked and resources were not freed. We also found weird conditions while dealing with asterisk variables and AGIs (this behaviour was random and we could not reproduce it in order to report it as a bug with the needed supporting information). All this is reported in #0010374 and #0010197.

We tried to fix this bugs unsuccesfully so we rolled back our application to 1.2 which proved to be quite stable for us.

We intend to stay in 1.2 for production applications for some time. Meanwhile we will keep testing 1.4.

We think that keeping bug reports open for 1.2 issues will be usefull for many like us in the community. If this is not possible in bugs.digium.com what we offer is a server with mantis to keep a track of the 1.2 known issues and let the community choose to submit reports and provide patches.

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> Currently 1.4 is really stable for me - works like a dream. I've found
> one unstable point - using MeetMe, and currently i'm working to
> provide good bug-report, but that's all the problems.

Please post a note here with the bug tracker ID when you have submitted
your bug report. I'm particularly interested in Meetme issues and am
preparing to move to 1.4 myself.

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