[asterisk-dev] [asterisk-commits] file: trunk r81345 - /trunk/main/event.c

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Wed Aug 29 15:47:13 CDT 2007

Luigi Rizzo wrote:

> As far as i remember pointer arithmetic on "void *" is a gnu
> extension not guaranteed to work on all compilers.
> You should use char * to be standard compliant (even better,
> something like a NEXT_IE(x) macro that takes care of the
> conversion throughout the file.

Asterisk is developed on and only supported on the GNU compiler suite;
users are welcome to build it using other compilers and we'll be happy
to hear when it works, but we won't make changes to accommodate non-GNU
compilers. There are other places in Asterisk already where we do
pointer math using 'void *' pointers and I don't see any reason to avoid
it just to cater to compilers that we don't support :-)

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