[asterisk-dev] Continue Asterisk 1.2 support

Santiago Gomez santiago.gomez at fonalix.com
Tue Aug 28 10:59:49 CDT 2007

Dear Asterisk Dev Community,

I work for a company that gives communication solutions based on asterisk and other open source software. We have been using asterisk 1.2 since it was released. We have more than 100 customers using 1.2. Three months ago we tried to migrate some of our customer platforms to asterisk 1.4 without success (having many crashes per day). We are now facing a problem due to the 1.2 branch being only maintained for security fixes, and all the issue reports being closed if they are not related to 1.4.X or trunk. 

We have found two possible solutions, one would be to let the 1.2 issue reports open on the mantis bug tracker in order for the community to contribute and discuss solutions; the other could be to make a fork of the mantis bug tracker so all the developers out there working with 1.2 can continue solving some 1.2 issues. With this two solutions, patches will be developed and left on the mantis bugtracker so anyone would be able to apply them (they are not going to be committed).

If the first option is not possible and there is interest in the second one, what we offer is the hardware and bandwidth needed to support a new mantis. We also have 10 developers actively working and contributing patches to 1.2 that will continue to do so till 1.4 reaches a more mature stage. We will continue testing 1.4 in our QC environment and report the found bugs, but we focus on our customers and we can't leave 1.2 development for now.

If you are interested please reply with your comments and suggestions.

Santiago Gomez
at fonalix.com

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