[asterisk-dev] Issues with Asterisk 1.6 TRUNK -- AGI?

Nicholas Blasgen nicholas at blasgen.com
Tue Aug 28 00:23:03 CDT 2007

I'm playing around with Asterisk 1.6 some more.  I'm looking forward to
using some of the new features, but I'm stuck on some of the old ones.  I've
got an application that works as a Click-2-Dial web interface.  It will call
the person and then call two other phone numbers at the same time, passing
the first to be answered to the user.  This works just fine when executed
from the dialplan, but my AGI program is having problems with the same

So the first log shows a normal dialplan executing a dial on two lines.
Everything works out just fine and I get connected to the remote party.
Very neatly done.

Second log is harder to understand because it's AGI.  But the end event is
that after dialing the same (minus the 30 second timeout and "r" option)
dial string, Asterisk will kick me off the `asterisk -r` logs AND disconnect
the AGI program from Asterisk as well.  Logs show me nothing either, and I'm
looking at FULL logs.  These problems happen the moment the channel is
answered.  I'm using this system at the moment to call myself, so I've
noticed that it's having the problem the exact moment the lines would
normally be bridged together.  The first example doesn't have any problems,
but AGI does with a very similar dial structure.  I have some AGI debugging
there, but it doesn't seem to be an issue with my AGI application as I
orgirnally thought.

Someone have an idea?

---------- FIRST LOG (good) ----------------

    -- Called trunk0/14083950000
    -- SIP/trunk0-0915da30 is making progress passing it to
Local/4083950000 at outgoing-3556;2
    -- Local/4083950000 at outgoing-3556;1 is making progress passing it to
Local/josh at realtimedb-b6a0;2
--- set_address_from_contact host ''
    -- SIP/trunk0-0915da30 answered Local/4083950000 at outgoing-3556;2
    -- Local/4083950000 at outgoing-3556;1 answered
Local/josh at realtimedb-b6a0;2
    -- Executing [500 at internal:1] Dial("Local/josh at realtimedb-b6a0;1",
"Local/4084970000&Local/9168470000") in new stack

---------- SECOND LOG (bad) --------------

    -- Called trunk0/14083952110
    -- SIP/trunk0-09004080 answered Local/4083950000 at outgoing-49dc;2
    -- Local/4083950000 at outgoing-49dc;1 answered
Local/josh at realtimedb-e775;2
    -- Executing [s at ajax:1] Wait("Local/josh at realtimedb-e775;1", "1") in new
  == Spawn extension (macro-which-line, s, 10) exited non-zero on
'Local/4083950000 at outgoing-49dc;2' in macro 'which-line'
  == Spawn extension (macro-which-line, s, 10) exited non-zero on
'Local/4083950000 at outgoing-49dc;2'
  == Spawn extension (realtimedb, josh, 3) exited non-zero on
'Local/josh at realtimedb-e775;2'
    -- Executing [s at ajax:2] AGI("SIP/trunk0-09004080", "ajax.agi") in new
    -- Launched AGI Script /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/ajax.agi
    -- AGI Script Executing Application: (Dial) Options:
    -- Called 4084970000
    -- Called 9168470000
    -- SIP/trunk0-b7d7a858 is making progress passing it to
Local/4084970000 at default-752d;2
    -- Local/4084970000 at default-752d;1 is making progress passing it to
--- set_address_from_contact host ''
Disconnected from Asterisk server

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