[asterisk-dev] Client-negotiated Codec Instead of Transcoding?

Matthew Rubenstein email at mattruby.com
Mon Aug 20 17:34:44 CDT 2007

	I sent the appended question to the -users list last week, but I got no
responses. I think it's maybe a much more technical question about the
inner workings of Asterisk, perhaps not even a current feature - or
architectural possiblity. But it does seem related to current
discussions in this -dev list, like codec negotiation in IAX.

	Is there a way for voice media clients (like SIP phones and POTS/PSTN
phones) that connect their call legs to Asterisk to negotiate a common
codec that they both use at their end, so Asterisk doesn't have to
transcode? Asterisk would know which codecs each client can use, and
which each prefers, then find the one they each have in common so the
fewest legs need Asterisk to transcode to their "odd man out" codec. 

(C) Matthew Rubenstein

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