[asterisk-dev] Asterisk DTMF unreliable -- Vitelity--GoDaddy

Gregory Boehnlein damin at nacs.net
Thu Aug 16 09:26:51 CDT 2007

> > Why not use SIP?  They even suggest it when setting up your account.
> > NAT issues?
> Two reasons: first, I do indeed have NAT all over the place, although I
> think Luigi's recent work may make that a non-issue.
> The bigger reason, though, is that I want to support IAX, which I
> believe overall to be a superior protocol.  If we all knuckle under to
> the weenie ITSPs who don't try very hard to get IAX right, we make it
> more difficult for the protocol to gain acceptance in the marketplace.
> MO only; this is a religious issue as much as a technical one.

Hear hear! We use IAX2 in our network to interconnect Switchvox and other
Asterisk based systems at the client's locations, but we use SIP from the
Desktop to the PBX. As an "ITSP" it's a lot easier to debug the IAX2
connections and it makes life a lot easier and more secure with a lot less
headaches. Barring some weird NAT implementations, we've not had any show
stopper issues w/ IAX2 in over 2 years and several hundred deployed systems
"just work". We're still running 1.2 at the core of our IAX to TDM gateways,
but after the current round of IAX2 changes has a chance to settle down and
mature a bit, we'll be cutting over to 1.4.


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