[asterisk-dev] missing strndup on some platforms (and duplicated code)

Luigi Rizzo rizzo at icir.org
Thu Aug 16 06:26:12 CDT 2007

a recent commit (utils/check_expr) is giving me problems as the
code tries to use strndup(), which is not present on FreeBSD (and
maybe on other BSD platforms). Because there is indeed an ./configure
check for strndup() and indeed the function is used, although only
once in channel.c, in asterisk, i suppose the new code in utils/
is not honoring configure results.

Can someone (Steve ?) have a look at this ?

[BTW - the core of the problem is fact that extconf.c and possibly
other files in utils/ are partial copies of things residing elsewhere
in the tree, so this creates a mainteinance problem that periodically
hits us. This is really something that ought to be fixed]


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