[asterisk-dev] AMR-NB

Chris Dobbs chris_dobbs at dobbscr.karoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 15 09:17:07 CDT 2007

Understand your concerns but I was not very clear about my AMR
implemenatation. I have a bespoke version of the 3GPP AMR codec of which my
company has re-engineered the adaptive nature of the codec. My company has
clearence to do this and a patent has been filed.
Sorry to be vague but I am under an NDA for most of this work.
Back to my original posting,  I have got rid of the warnigns by adding an
entry to the fram.h file to let it know about my codec. I still however
don't see it in the "show codecs" command !

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> On Wednesday 15 August 2007 02:42:22 Chris Dobbs wrote:
> > installed it in the codecs directory and ran up asterisk, however when I
> > type "show codecs" I don't see the AMR one in the list ?   is there
> > something else I need to change to tell asterisk about this?
> Please note that you've just asked for assistance in violating a patent.
> like to avoid such discussions as much as possible, so for the duration of
> term of the relevant patents (which according to my math, means sometime
> 2018), please refrain from requesting assistance on the AMR codec until
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