[asterisk-dev] Solution: Enabling HPEC causes dead air

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Sun Aug 12 09:00:34 CDT 2007

Trevor Peirce wrote:

> This really ought to be documented with the HPEC installation README and 
> possibly even in the default zapata.conf.  Or if it is a bug, perhaps 
> fixed :)

It has already been fixed in Zaptel, the echotraining parameter is now
ignored when the HPEC is used. It was first corrected in the 1.2 branch,
but was missed in the 1.4 branch, so it may not have made it into 1.4.4.
It will be in the next Zaptel 1.4 release for sure :-)

We didn't feel there was any need to document it, since it was a bug and
the proper fix was to change the code to ignore that configuration option.

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