[asterisk-dev] Solution: Enabling HPEC causes dead air

Trevor Peirce tpeirce at digitalcon.ca
Sun Aug 12 00:58:41 CDT 2007

Hi List,

For some reason I can't post to the -users list.  Replies show up but 
not new threads... go figure.  Anyway this might be of interest to those 
  with power to update documentation and/or those Digium staffers who 
work on the HPEC.

After scratching my head, googling, and asking around for the last few
months on what I could look at to solve no audio when using the HPEC I 
finally have found a solution.

This is pertinent to at least these and a couple of the prior releases:

Asterisk 1.2.24
Zaptel 1.4.4
Digium High-Performance Echo Canceller, version 9.00.003 (i686)

The secret here is to make sure echotraining=no in zapata.conf.  Setting 
echotraining=yes is incompatible with HPEC, although not documented 
anywhere that I could find.

This really ought to be documented with the HPEC installation README and 
possibly even in the default zapata.conf.  Or if it is a bug, perhaps 
fixed :)

Trevor Peirce

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