[asterisk-dev] Zaptel Interrupt Woes

Caio Begotti caio at ueberalles.net
Sat Aug 4 19:57:24 CDT 2007

On 04/08/2007, at 02:40, <bob_is_me at cox.net> wrote:
> Upon a grep of the zaptel trunk, I see that SA_INTERRUPT is being  
> used by some of the drivers and some of them aren't. Mattf is doing  
> wonders for the zaptel interrupt issues, but zaptel continues to be  
> plagued by interrupt woes.


> Why do we care if the interrupts are shareed? They ALL are SA_SHIRQ.

As a sidenote, all the SA_* flags have been marked deprecated in the  
latest Linux kernel version (2.6.22.x). I've just filed a bug report  
about this with a simple patch that does the needed changes in trunk:  


Caio Begotti (caio1982)

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