[asterisk-dev] Zaptel Interrupt Woes

bob_is_me at cox.net bob_is_me at cox.net
Sat Aug 4 00:40:43 CDT 2007

Upon a grep of the zaptel trunk, I see that SA_INTERRUPT is being used by some of the drivers and some of them aren't. Mattf is doing wonders for the zaptel interrupt issues, but zaptel continues to be plagued by interrupt woes.

Why do zaptel interupts get called more often than the cards interrupt pin requests?

Why do we care if the interrupts are shareed? They ALL are SA_SHIRQ.

Don't the jitter buffers take care of a missed interrupt? and come back to get the missed data the next time around?

read this: http://rc-shell.slackmatic.org/misc/notes.html
Memo to self: must smoke better drugs.

Specifically, where is the problem with the interrupts? If I can find it, I will fix it. 

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