[asterisk-dev] CLI development questions

Perssy Llamosas pllamosas at telecall.com.pe
Sat Aug 4 15:06:49 CDT 2007

Misunderstanding, I didn't say you could use verbose 0 for scripts. You 
wanted to have a clear console to debug or see what's going in your 
Asterisk server without being overwhelmed by the huge amount of 
information from the Asterisk console.

For scripts there is the asterisk manager module, telnet to it, use 
libraries to connect to it, there are plenty APIs to use asterisk 
manager: perl, python, php, java. All the information you require from 
calls can be extracted from the Asterisk manager.

> В пт, 2007-08-03 в 17:52 -0500, Perssy Llamosas написа:
>> This helps:
>> "core set verbose 0"
>> Make changes permanent by removing the -vvv from wherever you call your 
>> asterisk.
>> only debug when you need to debug
> ... So, am I misunderstanding something, or you're telling me that if I
> have a script that runs every 5 minuftes and verbosity 0 for the
> console, and at some point I need to do some debugging, I'll probably
> fuck up the script? Sounds worse than not having the kind of script in
> the first place:) 
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