[asterisk-dev] CLI development questions

Vasil Kolev vasil at ludost.net
Sat Aug 4 14:42:20 CDT 2007

В пт, 2007-08-03 в 17:52 -0500, Perssy Llamosas написа:
> This helps:
> "core set verbose 0"
> Make changes permanent by removing the -vvv from wherever you call your 
> asterisk.
> only debug when you need to debug
... So, am I misunderstanding something, or you're telling me that if I
have a script that runs every 5 minuftes and verbosity 0 for the
console, and at some point I need to do some debugging, I'll probably
fuck up the script? Sounds worse than not having the kind of script in
the first place:) 
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